Photojournalism has made me impulsive. 

It's caused me to strike up a conversation with strangers on the street because I get the feeling they've got something interesting to say. I'll stand in the same spot for what onlookers must think is way too long just to find out if something beautiful happens in the scene sitting in front of me with a bunch of different pieces that haven't quite come together yet.

It all starts with taking a chance with a small idea.

Small ideas have led me all around the country to places and into conversations I never though I'd be a part of. Sometimes these small ideas turn into larger ones and a bigger picture comes into focus. And sometimes they don't and I just hear how a person's day went or end up with a random picture of a lamp post. Either way, I love every moment of it.

I'm impulsive and can't wait to see where I go and who I meet next.

I am currently working as a freelance photojournalist based in Lexington, Ky. and have previously held staff positions at the Tribune-Review in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and Charleston Gazette-Mail in Charleston, West Virginia. In the past I've interned at the Flint Journal, Kalamazoo Gazette, Lincoln Journal Star, Grand Forks Herald, Long Beach Register and Dallas Morning News.

Currently available for freelance work across Kentucky, West Virginia and surrounding areas.